Letter to Humankind

The Courage of Kindness

My dear children,

I write to you from the bottom of my soul, where it is cold tonight. I wish I had the courage to love better.
Life is a wonderful gift. But it takes so long to find oneself.
We spend so much time untying the knots of our history until we finally learn to love ourselves and others deeply.
I am giving you the following advice so that you can share it with your children, friends and enemies.

Don’t miss out on life. It is fleeting.
Never give up. Run away from disillusionment and cynicism.
Be the entrepreneurs of the future; build the world that you dream of.
Some people destroy; you should strengthen and improve what already exists.
Some tremble and hide; you should face your enemies and your fears; take the time to discover and meet people.
Some blindly follow baseless rules, or pray every day at the same time without knowing to whom or why; you should behave with dignity, not out of fear but out of conviction.
Some destroy their bodies or tear up their souls; you should take the time to heal your wounds.
Some take advantage of others, or become richer at their expense, and treat them as objects; you should work towards mutual enrichment based on respect and esteem.
Share your knowledge; listen before you speak. Be courageous enough to keep quiet when you don’t know. Do learn.
When you face taunting, ingrained thinking, or pessimism, persevere and pursue your fight.
Be aware that any type of extremism reveals immaturity.
Do not be enslaved to objects or beliefs; don’t be imprisoned in a cage made of pixels, fabric or metal. Why lock yourself in when life offers so many opportunities?
Be kind to living beings. All living beings.
Don’t look away out of weakness.
Don’t display your inner self out of vanity.
Talk together rather than be afraid alone; cowardice kills self-esteem and trust for others.
Be resolutely optimistic by choice and by conviction.
Be kind to yourself and to future generations.
Be aware of the fact that you are the luckiest human beings in the history of humanity; you have inherited the successes and failures of numerous generations. Never have human beings enjoyed so many riches, so much comfort, security, care, leisure, knowledge, and shared humanity.
Talk simply to your children; take the time to explain the world to them, without scaring them. Above all, listen to them. Help them develop their conscience. Make them want to question everything and to look for answers. Teach them to reason and to share their findings.
Explain to them that everything has a cause and that everything has an effect, but don’t overwhelm them. Give them the possibility to make choices and to change their minds many times, without shame.
Finally, teach them to keep faith in humanity.
Then your children will do better than we did. They will fix what my parents have destroyed. They will heal the wounds that I caused, and they will teach you, their parents, to become better human beings.
Life is a rite of passage towards maturity, towards the freedom to be oneself. But it only lasts for a short while. Accept this fact with humility.
At the end of your life, do not ask if you’ve succeeded – who would come out victorious of such a fight? – but ask yourself if you’ve tried hard enough.
Do not forget to leave some of your dreams incomplete, for future generations.

My dear children, have the courage to love.
Have the courage of kindness.