I am an art director, filmmaker and author.

I am the founder of the creative agency this is it®, the president of Association Une Vie® —that spearheads projects PedoHelp® (fight against child sexual abuse) and Au Bon Citoyen® (fight against incivility)— and from time to time I offer my services to various national and international associations fighting against antisemitism.

I am a member of the SACD (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers) and I support multiple causes: Ed21 (educational projects accelerator), Babyloan (microfinance), Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah (FMS), HeForShe (UN Women), The Rights of Nonsmokers (DNF), Federation for the abolition of bullfights (FLAC)…
I am also a signatory to the Ecoprod charter.

I am trained in NonViolent Communication (NVC), therapeutic hypnosis and Mindfulness.

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