First steps with GoPro Omni

I’ve just received my GoPro Omni camera!
The suitcase is huge and way too heavy to carry. Almost as heavy as my mobile studio (3 4K-cameras + 2 spots + microphones), which I regularly carry on my VeloStudio-bike. We will have to find lighter alternatives to go on shootings …

Getting Started

Firstly, the Omni system is pretty awesome … Solid, easy to handle.
Without waiting, I take my GoPro Omni under my arm and head to the banks of the Seine to test it.
It lacks a rigid case: at the slightest movement, the camera powers on. One of the six cameras lights up. Each time, I have to take the camera out of its small cloth case, find the guilty camera, and cut off its beak. Tiring, and energy-hungry (for the camera batteries, and a bit of mines …)

The Rives de Seine Park at 360 °

On the banks, I set up the camera and film the passers-by. Short 5-minute sequences, in different places.

Back home, I import the rushes via the Omni importer. Then I open AutoPano Video Pro to take my first steps on the GoPro Omni dedicated software …
The interface is not very pleasant in the eyes of the Apple aficionado that I am … but hey, it’s not as if I was spoiled for choice!
I tackle the buttons, search, open AutoPano Giga to fine-tune the assembly of images …
Result: meh, nah.

The f***ing nodal point

The nightmare of a 360 postproduction editor is parallax effects: those “ghost” effects.
The fault with science and this stupid problem of perspective: the nodal point.
The sensors of the different cameras are not exactly in the same place (they are logically separated by a few inches), so the perspectives are not exactly the same from one camera to another: the object in the foreground will not be at the exact same place relative to the second plane, from one camera to another. Result: duplicate effects, or objects or persons cut in the middle.

Although I battle with the software, watch several tutorials, some of excellent quality, I have to give up: it is not technically possible to repair these parallax effects with this software, despite very powerful.
The fault at the set and location of the camera during the shooting: if the people pass too close to the camera, they will be badly cut in half in the finale image.

Crazy GoPro flying guy


The GoPro Omni camera is perfect for shooting from a distance. For close-ups, we’ll pass.
Did I fooled myself spending a small fortune to become owner of this camera?
My instinct tells me that I did well, and my YouTube eye is formal: the GoPro Omni is by far, so far – the camera that offers the best image quality on the market …
I’ll hang on and leave it a second chance!

Next step: filming nature with the GoPro Omni

*translated by Google*