Sebastien Brochot | author, filmmaker, speaker, preventionist

Sebastien Brochot is a French author, speaker, filmmaker, consultant and preventionist.       
Sebastien is the founding president of the nonprofit Association Une Vie™, an international charity committed to fight child sexual abuse. He is the creator of various awareness campaigns, including to raise awareness about sexual consent among teens and young adults (4 million views on social networks) and PedoHelp™ (spotted by the Council of Europe.

In 2018, he joins the CRIAVS Ile-de-France in which he develops the French-speaking media of reference in order to disseminate clear and reliable information on the subject.
Être et savoir - France Culture, 2020
Audition, Mission d'information du Sénat
Prévention des violences sexuelles, Public Sénat
Prévention des violences sexuelles, Radio RCJ
Prévention des violences sexuelles, Simone Média
He organized the first French flashmobs in 2007 before founding the creative agency this is it™ in which he directs advertising films for many brands (EDF, Signal, Peugeot, Petrossian, Bayard Presse...). He then founded the creative agency this is it™ in which he produced advertising films for many brands (Electricite de France, Signal, Peugeot, Petrossian, Bayard Presse...).
Conversation sur les happenings, Cause commune, France Inter
Conversation sur les happenings, LFFALM, Canal+
e2 transport, Paris: vélo liberté, PBS
He is the author of numerous works in French and English (novels, short stories, theater plays, guides, children's books, photographic books ...) and documentaries (Artists of Paris, Giving time to time ...).
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